Marseille | France

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A great city to visit in France is Marseille. Marseille is one of Europe’s oldest cities and France’s second largest city. Marseille is great for site seeing with Roman ruins, medieval architecture, distinguished cultural venues, and two historic forts. At the end of the harbor is the Quai de Belges which is where visitors view luxury yachts and ferries.



The Chateau d’lf France is a great attraction to visit. Not only is it beautiful, it has a great sense of history attached to it. For starters, it’s actually used as the setting in the book “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Between the years of 1634 and the end of the 19th century, the chateau served as a prison for religious and political offenders. By the year 1890, it was open to the public to sightsee and is now recognized as one of the most famous prisons in the world.

Marseille has many attractions for tourist to take of advantage of both day and night. During the day, you can visit the various museums, art galleries, opera houses, theatres, and historic buildings. Some of the historic buildings people make it a point to see are La Vielle Charite and the Basilique Notre-Damep-de-la-Garde. During the night, the city has many cinemas, bars, clubs, and other entertainment venues. The city also hosts year-round festivals that promote music, dance, and film. It is very easy to do all these various activities as Marseille makes transportation very easy. You can get around by bus, tram, metro or a bike hire system.

An underrated aspect of Marseille is the weather. The temperature at its hottest point of the year, July and August, averages around 85 degrees. The average temperature high in the winter is about 54 degrees, which usually occurs December through February. These are very pleasing temperatures as it never really gets too hot or cold through out the year. Overall, I highly recommend you take a trip to Marseille, France if you haven’t yet, it’s a great time!

from Thibault Mathieu