Samsung Release Galaxy Note 4

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Samsung shook the technology industry on Wednesday with the release of the Galaxy Note 4. Samsung released the two different versions of the phone in Berlin, New York, and Beijing. The standard Note 4 is an upgraded version of the last model with improvements to the camera, screen, battery, and stylus. The other version, the Note Edge, has an interesting modification to it. The screen runs lengthwise along one side of the phone and is narrow and curved. The engineering behind this screen is so you can receive notifications along the side of the screen so a video is not interrupted. It can also turn into an alarm clock display when the screen is turned off. No pricing information was released, but you can expect the Note 4 to go on sale in October whereas the Edge will be available for purchase later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has also release another interesting accessory for your phone, oculus virtual reality. The virtual reality headset turns Note 4s into 3D virtual reality machines. Virtual reality has been a hot topic of late as other companies like Sony and Facebook have prototypes in the works as well. You can demo these headsets in select stores in Chicago, New York, and other cities this week.

Samsung will be in tough competition with Apple in the coming months. Apple is set to launch the iPhone 6 and iWatch next week on September 9th and then release the products for sale on the 19h. The battle began on Wednesday when Samsung released its products and Apple’s stock took a near 5% nose dive that day falling under $100 a share. Jabs have been thrown. Samsung invited 2 musicians from the band, Maroon 5, to a New York release event and they enthusiastically said they would be holding an iPhone burning party after the event. Only time will tell who stands to do better in these next couple of competitive months.

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