IBM Winning Cloud Computing Business?

Thibault Mathieu’s latest blog post

imgres-7Cloud computing has been on a huge incline of late. Mainly because it is the new efficient way to store as much data as possible without it having to be store at a location or backup location. Cloud computing is essentially how it sounds, data stored in the cloud meaning its not tangible. The biggest player in the cloud computing business is However, recent news would say otherwise.

IBM, who is also in the cloud computing industry has been stealing headlines of late. IBM has secured cloud deals with some prominent customers like ABN AMRO, Thomson Reuters, and WPP. It seems IBM may have packaged in products and services they are more known for to win some Cloud business. The deals were described as follows:

Thomson Reuters: “a new multi-year services agreement with Thomson Reuters to provide IT services to employees globally.”

WPP: “a seven-year, $1.25 billion services contract for IBM to transform and manage WPP’s global technology platform”

ABN AMRO: “IBM and ABN AMRO have signed a 10-year, multibillion-dollar services agreement to manage the IT infrastructure that supports the bank’s operations globally. The agreement includes the implementation of a private IBM cloud together with further standardization and simplification of the existing IT landscape, from mobile computing to mainframe infrastructure.”

The common factor here is that IBM describes their deals to include “IT Services” or as a “global technology program.” Essentially it seems as though IBM is offering a better supplemental package that happens to include their cloud computing package as well. IBM’s other services serve as their “trojan horse” in order to get their cloud computing technology in the hands of their customers.

Overall, it seems like a great idea on IBM’s behalf, I just would refrain some believing they are knocking off the cloud computing juggernauts in and Microsoft. For more on this article, check it out at

from Thibault Mathieu