Hot Spots to Travel in 2015

Thibault Mathieu’s latest blog post

Lately, traveling has become a fad of our society, and it’s no surprise why. With all of the wonderful, exotic things the world has to offer – from famous landmarks to endangered species, traveling is a great way to gain cultural experience and expand your horizons as a human being. Why not be exposed to all of these incredible, surreal sights? So, what are some of the biggest travel destinations of 2015 (without all the touristy crowds, of course)? Here’s a list of some of the most-travel-wanted hotspots for this coming year:

First is Gujarat and Hyderabad, India. As many of you know, The Jungle Book is being turned into a feature film next year, and includes a plethora of breathtaking images of the Ganges river and jungle-dense parts of India. Along with the aesthetics that India has to offer, from jungle to enchanting bazaars and mosts, it is rich in culture and history. As the birthplace of Gandhi, a majority of India is covered in mountain-top temples and colorful religious festivals. A visit to India will feel like you’re entering a whole new world, you’ll feel nothing but awe and admiration.



Next top travel destination? Serbia. Serbia is bordered by Carpathian mountains and the Danube river, and stands among Hungary, Romania, Croatia, and Kosovo. Though it’s geography has been a major influence to it’s trouble of the past, the blend of cultures from being surrounded by so many different countries is truly unique – and shows in it’s vast array of delicious dishes, architecture, and way of living. Monasteries and churches decorate Serbia, which remind many of it’s local inhabitants of all wars and suffering, but also stand as symbols of hope. Serbia is emerged in forests, mountains, and exotic European coffee shops and restaurants, that will all make you cringe at their beauty.

Rwanda is another top travel destination for 2015, especially since it is home to the silverback mountain gorillas. As you may know, gorillas are one of the most endangered species in the world right now, so it may not be too long before there’s never a chance for you to see them in their natural habitat. Though large, these animals are beautifully delicate with shiny coats and dark, luring eyes. Rwanda, a small country located in Central East Africa, contains many of nature’s most enticing beauties, including rainforests and volcanic jungle. It’s village people are especially remarkable, known for their agricultural skills and sweet charisma after all they’ve been through, including a terrible genocide in 1994 (which you can learn about by visiting Kigali’s Genocide Memorial Museum). Rwanda is home to an abundance of beauty, and will make your stay their life-changing.

For more insight on which places to travel to in 2015, read Huffington Post’s article on Top Emerging Travel Hotspots. And start packing your bags, because there’s no way you won’t want to take a trip to at least one of these remarkable places, if not them all.

from Thibault Mathieu