Amazon Adds Travel Sector

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The largest juggernaut of convenience just grew larger and more convenient. First online in 1995 as a superstore of books, electronics, appliances, and more, Amazon added a travel agency sector to their repertory of services provided, a move many hope will centralize, and perhaps more fluidly handle the process of booking hotels. Amazon Destinations, as it is called, was the CEO Jeff Bezos’ latest brainchild, and its mission is to help the customer find travel destinations, especially leisurely getaways, within driving distance of his home.

Amazon - Thibault mathieuWhile it seems to be limiting itself by its modest approach to finding nearby destinations, Amazon is leaving rumors in the air of small-to-big expansion. It currently serves Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle, featuring suggested venues that reach many other metropolitan areas. For example, someone located in New York City can learn about places as far away as The Poconos and the Amish Country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It offers customers a visibly pleasing experience through colorful descriptions and photography of each place listed. Attraction and aesthetic superiority can never replace functionality as the prime linchpin to its success.

Although the site’s extension possesses a consumer novelty in its own, Amazon cannot deny the projected financial losses attributed to its overexpansion. Its estimated losses are giving shareholders a feeling of uncertainty they can’t shake. Jeff Bezos’ response to the ensuing doubts is a confidence in Amazon’s right and ability to experiment in other categorical fields. For some, the competitiveness of the travel market is a deterrent from greater involvement, (especially considering globalization and the booming of international business), for others, it is a reason for Amazon to comprehend it into its bulk of services. Having reached $100 billion in annualized revenue, Bezos feels comfortable that any loyal customers will take pride and comfort in using Amazon Destinations as its new convenient travel agent.

Learn more about its offers here. Visit Amazon’s own site here.

from Thibault Mathieu