Rules Successful Startups Should Follow

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When starting your own company, a startup, many founders or CEOs tend to walk on egg shells when operating. Why? Let’s face it, you’re at such a fragile state that you don’t want to mess anything up. One poor decision could lead to the demise of the company that you just started. Here are some rules to follow to run a successful startup according to

Study the Competition, Then Steal Them

When starting your own company, there usually are companies that have done what you’re looking to do or very close to what you’re doing. With that said, they can be a different stage in Thibault Mathieu - Startuptheir company. Some have accomplished what you’re looking to accomplish in the near future. A great way to help meet those expectations is to have people on your team who have done what you’re looking to do before. In order to do so, you may have to steal some of your competitions employees.

Fire Employees Faster

In a startup atmosphere mistakes are bound to happen, and that goes for hiring. It could be a great hire based on interviewing but when it comes to executing the job, it’s not a great fit. The best thing to do here is to not let it linger. The sooner you can remove a mis-hire, the sooner you can move on and make up for your mistake. Don’t dwell on it, but fix it and move on.

For Outside Help, Work with Principals

As a small startup, there will be tasks that you can’t have done in-house and will need to outsource the work. For example, if you’re a software company, you may need to outsource marketing or even something as simple as human resources. When doing so, don’t reach out to the top of the line companies. You’re a startup and won’t be able to work with the big players in these industries. Hire small firms where you can demand to work with the principals.

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Amazon Adds Travel Sector

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The largest juggernaut of convenience just grew larger and more convenient. First online in 1995 as a superstore of books, electronics, appliances, and more, Amazon added a travel agency sector to their repertory of services provided, a move many hope will centralize, and perhaps more fluidly handle the process of booking hotels. Amazon Destinations, as it is called, was the CEO Jeff Bezos’ latest brainchild, and its mission is to help the customer find travel destinations, especially leisurely getaways, within driving distance of his home.

Amazon - Thibault mathieuWhile it seems to be limiting itself by its modest approach to finding nearby destinations, Amazon is leaving rumors in the air of small-to-big expansion. It currently serves Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle, featuring suggested venues that reach many other metropolitan areas. For example, someone located in New York City can learn about places as far away as The Poconos and the Amish Country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It offers customers a visibly pleasing experience through colorful descriptions and photography of each place listed. Attraction and aesthetic superiority can never replace functionality as the prime linchpin to its success.

Although the site’s extension possesses a consumer novelty in its own, Amazon cannot deny the projected financial losses attributed to its overexpansion. Its estimated losses are giving shareholders a feeling of uncertainty they can’t shake. Jeff Bezos’ response to the ensuing doubts is a confidence in Amazon’s right and ability to experiment in other categorical fields. For some, the competitiveness of the travel market is a deterrent from greater involvement, (especially considering globalization and the booming of international business), for others, it is a reason for Amazon to comprehend it into its bulk of services. Having reached $100 billion in annualized revenue, Bezos feels comfortable that any loyal customers will take pride and comfort in using Amazon Destinations as its new convenient travel agent.

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Twitter Purchases Startup

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Twitter Inc. confirmed it has purchased TenXer, a startup run by one of the card-tallying phenoms who roused the 2008 blackjack film “21.”

Twitter, the social media conglomerate has been around since 2006 and now serves over 288 million active users each month. They have reported revenue of $664 million in 2013 which has since likely rose.

Thibault Mathieu - Twitter
Twitter acquires TenXer

The organization on Thursday indicated a tweet from Jeff Ma, TenXer’s CEO and co-founder who reported the arrangement on Twitter. TenXer’s innovation could help Twitter’s architects cooperate all the more profitably, an inconvenience spot for the organization before.

VentureBeat prior reported news of the securing. The cost of the arrangement wasn’t revealed.

Established in 2011, TenXer gives information driven administration devices for architects and their directors to enhance their work yield. It has brought $4.7 million up in subsidizing from financial specialists that incorporate True Ventures, Radar Partners and Khosla Ventures.

Twitter in earlier years has endured problems shipping items in the midst of coordination issues in the middle of architects and item directors. The organization plans to utilize TenXer’s innovation to enhance profit and help directors settle on more compelling choices through expanded straightforwardness, as per an individual acquainted with the matter.

Generally 50% of Twitter’s 3,700 workers worldwide are engineers. The organization at present doesn’t have arrangements to make TenXer’s innovation accessible to outside application engineers through its Fabric stage.

Mr. Ma, a serial business visionary who has some expertise in prescient investigation, will join Twitter’s item group while two TenXer designers will join the designing positions.

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Breakthrough Traveling to Cuba?

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Airbnb authorities declared today that the group driven neighborliness organization will be one of the first U.S. organizations to offer lodging to U.S. voyagers who fit into the 12 classes of affirmed motivations to go to Cuba.

New standards set up by President Obama’s organization in January has made it simpler for Americans to go to Cuba. They can’t go as travelers yet they can strive for affirmed reasons, for example, instructive exercises, proficient gatherings, philanthropic tasks and athletic rivalries.

Thibault Mathieu - CubaMore than 1,000 postings are presently accessible on Airbnb. Around 40 percent are in Havana. The remaining postings are in urban communities, for example, Matanzas, Cienfuegos, and Santa Clara. Airbnb hopes to extend the quantity of postings. Cuba has as of now turned into a standout amongst the most hunt down destinations in the organization’s postings, topping Latin American urban areas, for example, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Mexico City.

“For over 50 years, Cuba has been out of reach for most Americans,” Airbnb co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk said in a written release. “We couldn’t be more excited that, starting today, licensed U.S. travelers will now be able to experience the unique culture and warm hospitality that makes the island so special through our new Cuban community.”

Cuba as of now has an extensive system of casas particulares, which offer guests home-stays and are controlled by local people.

Major U.S. lodging organizations have likewise said they might want to have a vicinity in Cuba however that it is too soon to make any moves.

Aerial transports too are gradually making sense of how they can grow direct administration from the USA. They have just possessed the capacity to offer sanction flights for individuals to-individuals visits, which was the main way Americans could lawfully visit Cuba as of not long ago.

Airbnb is putting forth Cuban has the same assurance and profits it offers has in any area, including the repayment of up to $1 million for property harm.

Americans who book with Airbnb will need to bear witness to that they are going under one of the 12 sanction classes. Starting now, Airbnb is just open to approved U.S. voyagers yet the organization says it will look for regard to serve non-U.S. explorers also.

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Dell Accepts Bitcoin Internationally

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Invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, Bitcoin has people talking. What exactly is bitcoin? Bitcoin is an innovative alternate form of money. For more on bitcoin, check out While bitcoin hasn’t quite taken off to the point that its everyones first mode of payment, it is gaining momentum. Dell recently made headlines in that it is the largest company to accept bitcoin internationally.

While already accepting bitcoin in the United States, Michael Dell tweeted out to his 864,000 plus followers that Dell will now accept bitcoin from customers in the United Kingdom and Canada. Dell has had some experience with accepting bitcoin already. One of there biggest deals to date using bitcoin was $50,000 for their servers.

This is not bitcoin’s biggest break through ever as it has been used in other industries. However, over the last 12 months, bitcoin’s value has plummeted. Once valued at over $1,000 a share, bitcoin today is worth roughly $270. Dell does not plan on investing in bitcoin meaning after accepting it as payment, he will likely exchange it for cash as many do. This way those who are not as confident in the ever so volatile bitcoin rid themselves of the risk of owning it.  For more on this topic, check out this link here.

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